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We have some of the best trainers London has to offer. Combined with our wide selection of free weights, machines and functional training equipment, they’ll be able to tailor their sessions with you to maximise your training time and avoid injury.

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Personal training tailored to you

Selected, qualified trainers are granted a licence to offer personal training to those members who require that extra personal supervision. These trainers are self-employed and all fees are paid direct to the trainer.


Free Induction

All new members also benefit from a completely free induction session with one of our qualified team, to show you how the kit works and to get you on track. These can be booked via reception.


Hello, I’m Jamie

I work with the Royal Free as a Clinical exercise Physiologist and often work with individuals who have experienced a variety of long-term-conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. If you want any advice, a health check, exercise class or a one-one individualised programme, I’ve got the experience to help you to improve your health and meet your targets.

Chrissie Mullings-Lewis

Jubilee Hall Simone E Welds Personal Trainer of the Year Award 2017, Active Westminster Outstanding Award for Contribution to Sport & Physical activity.

Passionate about people and exercise Chrissie has over 34 years experience training adults and children of all ages. Her approach is holistic incorporating, strength, resistance, own bodyweight training, body awareness, back care and nutrition.

Championing weight training throughout the years for men and particularly women she holds an award for services to the EFBB.

She believes health and wellbeing are paramount and that helping clients navigate through their fitness journey is key as each person is unique.

Eric Anane-Tabury

Meet Eric Anane-Tabury, a fitness expert equipped with a decade of experience, dedicated to empowering people on their fitness journeys by improving balance, correcting posture, addressing muscle imbalances, enhancing cardio, gaining muscle, losing weight or any combination of these disciplines. Eric’s personalized approach creates transformative results. His comprehensive knowledge of strength training, functional exercises, and cardiovascular conditioning, combined with an empathetic approach, ensures a tailored program that not only enhances physical performance but also improves overall quality of life. Join Eric today to experience his comprehensive and motivating training style, and unlock your full potential for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Gabriel Orayinka

Gabriel is a professional, experienced and qualified personal trainer (CIMSPA Member 386552). In 2019 he was the bodybuilding  world champion.

Gabriel founded the GX brand to support all those looking to make a change to a healthier life style no matter their existing level of fitness.